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The History Of Nautical Fashion

The History Of Nautical Fashion The history of nautical fashion is the study of history from a fashion perspective. This can be done through clothing and art or literature on things such as flags and costumes. The history of nautical fashion is a study of the evolution of clothing from the past to the present day with a particular focus […]

What Is Helly Hansen?

What Is Helly Hansen? Helly Hansen is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing clothing lines on the high-street. Their latest release “Sailing the Seas” has made a splash in the fashion world, being chosen as the style of choice by celebrities like Kate Moss and Britney Spears. What makes Helly Hansen so popular? The simple answer to that is their […]

Nautical Clothing Brands

Nautical Clothing Brands Nautical fashion has a long history and the style of nautical clothing brands reflect that history. The history of nautical clothing brands dates back to around the year 1700 when it was believed that the first ocean voyage took place from England to what is now Bermuda. This voyage supposedly happened because of a problem with a […]

What Is Nautical Clothing?

What Is Nautical Clothing? Have you ever noticed that Hollywood celebrities and singers are all dressed in a nautical style for their concerts? This type of fashion is usually reserved for the beach or around the pool. But today it has taken another turn and is becoming more popular with women. For this reason, many women are looking into learning […]

How To Wear The Nautical Look

The most important nautical colors are navy, white, and red-orange. These three colors are notably nautical, and when paired together, the look will be unmistakable.

How To Wear Nautical Fashion

One of the most enduring fashion trends is nautical fashion. It barely ever goes out of style and returns to high fashion in most every decade since the 1850’s!

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