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Nautical style has long been a fashion favorite, with its timeless appeal and maritime-inspired elements. When it comes to celebrity fashion, nautical-inspired outfits have made a splash on the red carpet and beyond. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s classic Breton stripe knit or Tommy Hilfiger’s fresh take on nautical fashion, celebrities have provided us with plenty of style inspiration for our own nautical ensembles.

From navy, red, and white color palettes to boat necks and button detailing, nautical fashion offers a chic and sophisticated look. It’s a style that effortlessly combines elegance with a touch of whimsy, perfect for any event or occasion. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of maritime charm to your wardrobe, let these celebrity-inspired nautical looks guide you in creating your own standout outfit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore nautical fashion for women through celebrity nautical outfits.
  • Take inspiration from classic nautical style with natural fibers and relaxed silhouettes.
  • Incorporate the classic nautical color palette of navy, white, and red into your outfit.
  • Discover modern nautical fashion with fresh colors and contemporary styling.
  • Add a modern twist to nautical fashion with coral-inspired accents.

Classic Nautical Style: Natural Fibers and Relaxed Silhouettes

Classic nautical style embraces natural fibers and relaxed silhouettes, creating a timeless and effortlessly chic look. This style draws inspiration from sailing and seafaring, incorporating elements such as boat necks and button detailing.

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are commonly used in classic nautical outfits, as they provide breathability and comfort. These fabrics also have a relaxed drape, enhancing the overall laid-back aesthetic. Whether it’s a lightweight linen dress or a cotton button-down shirt, natural fibers are essential for achieving the classic nautical style.

Relaxed silhouettes are another hallmark of classic nautical fashion. Flowy dresses, loose-fitting pants, and oversized sweaters all contribute to the effortless and carefree vibe of this style. These relaxed silhouettes allow for ease of movement, perfect for a day spent by the sea or attending a summer event.

Table: Classic Nautical Style Essentials

NavyCottonFlowy dresses
RedLinenLoose-fitting pants
WhiteCanvasOversized sweaters
 Striped patterns 

Boat necks and button detailing are key design elements in classic nautical fashion. Boat necks, also known as bateau necklines, mimic the shape of a boat’s hull, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Button detailing, whether on a dress, shirt, or skirt, recalls the functional and practical aspects of sailor uniforms.

By combining natural fibers, relaxed silhouettes, boat necks, and button detailing, you can effortlessly achieve the classic nautical style. Whether you’re attending a seaside event or simply want to infuse your look with a maritime flair, embracing this timeless style is the perfect choice.

Classic Nautical Color Palette: Navy, White, and Red

The classic nautical color palette revolves around navy, white, and red. These colors are essential when creating a crisp and maritime-inspired look. Navy represents the deep blue sea, while white symbolizes the sails of a ship and the purity of the ocean waves. Red adds a bold touch, resembling the strength and passion associated with seafaring adventures. By incorporating these colors into your outfit, you can achieve a classic nautical style that exudes elegance and sophistication.

To enhance your nautical look, consider incorporating neutral accessories that complement the navy, white, and red color scheme. Neutral shades like stone and camel can be used for bags, shoes, and belts, adding a touch of versatility and balancing the boldness of the primary colors. These neutral accessories resemble maritime ropes and provide a subtle nod to the seafaring elements that define nautical fashion.

Classic Nautical Color Palette: Navy, White, and Red

NavyRepresents the deep blue sea
WhiteSymbolizes the sails of a ship and the purity of the ocean waves
RedAdds a bold touch, resembling the strength and passion associated with seafaring adventures

By embracing the classic nautical color palette, you can infuse your outfit with a timeless and sophisticated maritime-inspired style. Whether it’s a striped navy and white top paired with red trousers or a white dress adorned with navy buttons, these colors capture the essence of nautical fashion and ensure you look polished and chic for any occasion.

Modern Nautical Fashion: Fresh Colors and Contemporary Styling

Modern nautical fashion takes the timeless elements of classic nautical style and infuses them with fresh seasonal colors and contemporary styling. It offers a modern twist on the traditional maritime-inspired look, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and updated nautical outfit.

One of the key features of modern nautical fashion is the introduction of vibrant and unexpected colors. While navy, white, and red remain the foundation, modern interpretations incorporate pops of seasonal shades such as coral, turquoise, or sunny yellow. These fresh colors breathe new life into the classic nautical palette, adding a contemporary touch to your ensemble.

Contemporary styling techniques also play a crucial role in modern nautical fashion. Designers experiment with asymmetrical cuts, innovative silhouettes, and mixed textures to add interest to the traditional nautical look. For example, a high-waisted skirt with button detailing or a striped jumpsuit with a cinched waist can elevate your outfit and give it a modern edge.

By combining classic nautical elements with fresh colors and contemporary styling, modern nautical fashion offers a versatile and chic option for any event. Whether you’re attending a beach party or a summer soirée, this style is sure to make a statement. Embrace the modern nautical trend and sail away with confidence!

Coral Inspired Modern Nautical Color Palette

To give a fresh take on the classic nautical look, coral can be used as an accent color. With its recent popularity on the runways, incorporating coral into your outfit adds a modern touch to nautical styling. This vibrant color brings a fresh and summery vibe to your ensemble.

Inspired by the coral reefs found in tropical waters, this color adds a pop of vibrancy to the traditional navy, white, and red nautical color palette. It pairs beautifully with crisp white and navy, creating a visually stunning contrast. Whether used in small details like a coral belt or in larger pieces like a coral dress, this color instantly elevates your nautical-inspired outfit.

When incorporating coral into your nautical look, consider using it as an accent color to create subtle pops throughout your outfit. A coral handbag, statement earrings, or a printed scarf can effortlessly infuse your ensemble with a touch of modernity. By keeping the base colors classic and adding strategic touches of coral, you can achieve a contemporary take on nautical fashion.

Designers that Nailed the Modern Nautical Look

When it comes to nailing the modern nautical look, there are several designers who have truly captured the essence of this timeless style. One such designer is Lover the Label. Known for their attention to detail and effortless elegance, Lover the Label has taken the classic nautical color palette and infused it with a contemporary twist.

One standout piece from Lover the Label is their high-waisted asymmetrical skirt. This skirt perfectly combines the classic navy, white, and red colors with modern styling. The button detailing on the skirt adds a touch of nautical-inspired flair, while the high-waisted silhouette creates a flattering and sophisticated look.

To complete the modern nautical ensemble, Lover the Label pairs the skirt with a boatneck crop top. This combination perfectly captures the maritime vibe, creating a chic and fashion-forward outfit that is sure to turn heads. With Lover the Label’s expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, it’s no wonder they are considered one of the designers who have truly nailed the modern nautical look.

Other Designers Embracing the Modern Nautical Trend

In addition to Lover the Label, there are other designers who have embraced the modern nautical trend and incorporated it into their collections. Some notable names include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch.

Tommy Hilfiger, in particular, is known for his love of all things nautical. His designs often feature classic nautical elements such as Breton stripes, anchor motifs, and naval-inspired button detailing. Whether it’s a striped sweater or a sailor-inspired dress, Tommy Hilfiger’s designs effortlessly channel the spirit of the sea.

Ralph Lauren is another designer who has successfully incorporated nautical influences into his collections. Known for his preppy and timeless style, Ralph Lauren often incorporates navy, white, and red colors, along with boatneck tops and crisp button-down shirts, creating an effortlessly chic nautical look.

Tory Burch is a designer who adds a feminine touch to the modern nautical trend. Her collections feature delicate fabrics, feminine silhouettes, and intricate nautical-inspired detailing. With her signature blend of elegance and playfulness, Tory Burch offers a fresh take on modern nautical style.

DesignerKey Features
Lover the LabelHigh-waisted asymmetrical skirt, boatneck crop top, button detailing
Tommy HilfigerBreton stripes, anchor motifs, naval-inspired button detailing
Ralph LaurenNavy, white, and red colors, boatneck tops, button-down shirts
Tory BurchFeminine fabrics, delicate silhouettes, nautical-inspired detailing

These designers, among others, have truly mastered the modern nautical look. With their unique interpretations and attention to detail, they provide endless inspiration for incorporating nautical elements into your own wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a classic nautical outfit or a modern twist on the trend, these designers are sure to have something that will suit your style.

Nautical Accessories: Sails, Ropes, and Flags

Nautical style is not limited to clothing alone. To truly embrace the maritime-inspired look, incorporating nautical accessories is essential. These accessories draw inspiration from sailing tools and materials, adding an authentic touch to your ensemble.

Canvas fabrics, reminiscent of ship sails, are commonly used in nautical accessories. From handbags to hats, these canvas pieces bring a sense of seafaring adventure to your outfit. The sturdy and durable nature of canvas ensures that your nautical accessories will withstand any maritime-inspired escapades.

Rope detailing is another key element of nautical accessories. From bracelets to belts, ropes are incorporated into various pieces to add a touch of authenticity and texture. The intricate knotwork found in maritime traditions is often mimicked in these accessories, further emphasizing the nautical theme.

“Nautical accessories often feature maritime flags, buoys, and sailing tools, adding a distinct and recognizable aesthetic to your outfit.”

Maritime flags, buoys, and other sailing tools are also commonly featured as accents in nautical accessories. These elements pay homage to the rich history and traditions of seafaring cultures. Incorporating these symbols into your outfit can elevate your overall nautical style and create a visually engaging ensemble.

Nautical Accessories: Sails, Ropes, and Flags

Canvas HandbagA spacious and durable handbag made from canvas fabric, resembling ship sails. Perfect for carrying all your nautical essentials.
Rope BeltA stylish belt made from nautical rope, featuring intricate knotwork. Adds texture and authenticity to your outfit.
Maritime Flag NecklaceA statement necklace featuring maritime flags as pendants. Showcases your love for all things nautical.
Buoy EarringsDelicate earrings inspired by buoys. Adds a pop of color and a playful touch to your nautical look.
Anchor BraceletA classic nautical accessory featuring an anchor charm. Symbolizes strength and stability.

When choosing nautical accessories, take inspiration from sailing traditions and the maritime world. Embrace the use of canvas fabrics, rope detailing, and maritime symbols to create a cohesive and authentic nautical look. These accessories will not only enhance your outfit but also inspire visions of the open sea and adventures on the waves.

Nautical Style Inspiration from Instagram

Instagram is a treasure trove of nautical style inspiration, offering a glimpse into the fashion choices of celebrities and influencers. One brand that consistently delivers stunning nautical-inspired outfits is Tommy Hilfiger. Known for his love of all things nautical, the brand’s Instagram feed is filled with celebrity-endorsed looks that perfectly capture the essence of maritime fashion.

One standout outfit featured on Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram page showcases a cute nautical-inspired ensemble. A cropped, printed sweatshirt with an anchor print and naval-inspired button detailing takes center stage. Paired with metallic-coated high-waisted shorts and simple white sneakers, this outfit exudes the perfect balance of casual chic and nautical flair.

“Fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun. Nautical style allows you to embrace the timeless elegance of the sea while infusing it with your own personal touch. It’s a versatile and playful aesthetic that never goes out of style.” – Tommy Hilfiger

Browsing through Instagram can help you discover more nautical-inspired celebrity outfits and gain inspiration for your own maritime fashion journey. From classic looks to modern interpretations, the platform offers a wealth of ideas and style inspiration to suit every taste.

Table: Tommy Hilfiger’s Nautical Style Inspiration

CelebrityOutfit DescriptionKey Nautical Elements
Kate MiddletonClassic Breton stripe knit paired with relaxed gaucho pants featuring naval-inspired button detailing.Stripes, button detailing
Tommy HilfigerCropped, printed sweatshirt with an anchor print and naval-inspired button detailing paired with metallic-coated high-waisted shorts.Printed anchor, button detailing
Lover the LabelHigh-waisted asymmetrical skirt paired with a boatneck crop top.Button detailing

Table: Tommy Hilfiger’s nautical style inspiration showcases a variety of outfits that embody the timeless charm of maritime fashion. From Kate Middleton’s classic Breton stripe knit to Tommy Hilfiger’s playful printed sweatshirt, each outfit features key nautical elements such as stripes and naval-inspired button detailing. These looks serve as a testament to the versatility and enduring popularity of nautical style.

Celebrities Wearing Nautical-Inspired Outfits

When it comes to nautical-inspired fashion, celebrities are often at the forefront, showcasing their stylish takes on this timeless trend. One notable celebrity who has been seen rocking nautical outfits is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Her fashion choices have consistently impressed, and her nautical-inspired ensembles are no exception.

An iconic moment of Kate Middleton sporting a classic nautical look was when she launched the King’s Cup sailing competition. She opted for a traditional Breton stripe knit, a staple in nautical fashion. Paired with relaxed gaucho pants featuring naval-inspired button detailing, her outfit exuded elegance and sophistication. To add a pop of color and pay homage to the classic nautical color palette, she accessorized with a vibrant red clutch.

Looking to celebrities like Kate Middleton for nautical style inspiration can help you create your own stylish outfit. Whether you’re attending a beach-themed event or simply want to embrace the maritime charm, incorporating nautical elements into your ensemble will surely make a statement.

“Celebrities often sport nautical-inspired outfits, providing great style inspiration.” – Professional Copywriting Journalist

Table: Celebrities and Their Nautical-Inspired Outfits

CelebrityEventOutfit Description
Kate MiddletonKing’s Cup sailing competitionClassic Breton stripe knit with relaxed gaucho pants featuring naval-inspired button detailing, accessorized with a vibrant red clutch.
Tommy HilfigerRed carpet eventNavy blazer with gold anchor buttons, striped boat neck top, white trousers, and boat shoes.
BeyoncéMusic video shootWhite sailor dress with navy accents, paired with red platform heels and a captain’s hat.

As seen in the table above, Kate Middleton is not the only celebrity who embraces nautical-inspired fashion. Tommy Hilfiger, known for his love of nautical style, often incorporates maritime elements into his designs. Beyoncé, on the other hand, adds her own flair to the trend with daring and glamorous outfits. These celebrities prove that nautical fashion can be versatile and tailored to suit individual tastes and occasions.

Whether you’re drawn to classic Breton stripes, naval-inspired button detailing, or the timeless color palette of navy, white, and red, taking inspiration from celebrities can help you curate a nautical-inspired outfit that is both stylish and sophisticated.


In conclusion, nautical fashion continues to be a trend that never goes out of style. Whether you prefer the classic nautical look or a modern interpretation, there are plenty of options to explore and experiment with. Celebrities and designers provide great inspiration for incorporating nautical elements into your outfits, and Instagram is a fantastic resource for finding nautical style inspiration.

By following the nautical fashion trends, you can create your own unique and stylish outfits. Don’t be afraid to play with colors and accessories to truly make a statement. Whether you’re attending a beach-themed event or just want to add a touch of maritime flair to your everyday look, nautical fashion is a sure way to make a splash.

So, if you’re looking for celebrity outfit ideas or want to stay on top of the latest maritime fashion trends, nautical style is the perfect choice. Embrace the timeless charm of the high seas and set sail into the world of nautical fashion!


What is nautical style inspired by?

Nautical style is inspired by a life at sea and elements of uniforms worn by sailors.

What is the key feature of nautical style?

The Brenton stripe is a key feature of nautical style, originating from French coastal villages.

What are some elements of classic nautical style?

Classic nautical style includes navy, red, and white colors, boat necks, and button detailing.

How does modern nautical fashion differ from classic nautical style?

Modern nautical fashion adds fresh seasonal colors and a contemporary twist to the classic nautical style.

Who are some celebrities that have worn nautical-inspired outfits?

Celebrities like Kate Middleton and Tommy Hilfiger have sported nautical-inspired outfits, providing great style inspiration.

What are the cornerstone colors of classic nautical style?

The cornerstone colors of classic nautical style are navy, white, and red.

How can coral be incorporated into a modern nautical look?

Coral can be used as an accent color to revamp the classic nautical look and add a modern touch.

Can you provide an example of a designer who nailed the modern nautical look?

Lover the Label is an example of a designer who successfully created a modern nautical look.

What materials are commonly used in nautical accessories?

Nautical accessories often incorporate canvas fabrics, rope detailing, and natural linen fabrics.

Where can I find nautical style inspiration?

Instagram is a great source for nautical style inspiration, with many celebrities and designers showcasing nautical-inspired outfits.

Can you provide an example of a celebrity wearing a nautical-inspired outfit?

Kate Middleton wore a classic nautical look when launching the King’s Cup sailing competition.

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