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Musto is a renowned brand in the world of nautical clothing and accessories. With a rich history dating back over 50 years, the brand has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality, functional gear for sailors, yachtsmen, and water sports enthusiasts.

Musto was founded in 1965 by Keith Musto, an Olympic sailor and engineer. Drawing from his own experiences and expertise, Keith set out to create innovative sailing clothing that would withstand the harshest conditions at sea. His vision was to design garments that were not only durable and practical but also stylish.

Over the years, Musto has continued to prioritize innovation and performance in its product range. The brand uses cutting-edge technologies and materials to develop garments that offer superior protection against the elements while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. From breathable waterproof jackets to thermal base layers, Musto offers a comprehensive range of clothing suitable for all types of weather conditions.

In addition to clothing, Musto also specializes in nautical accessories. Their collection includes sturdy footwear designed for grip and stability on wet surfaces, as well as gloves that provide excellent dexterity and protection during sailing activities. They also offer a variety of bags and luggage options specifically designed for water sports enthusiasts, featuring waterproof compartments to keep belongings safe and dry.

One of the key factors that sets Musto apart is its commitment to sustainability. The brand recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and actively seeks ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Musto uses eco-friendly materials wherever possible and implements responsible manufacturing practices to minimize waste.

Musto’s reputation extends beyond professional sailors, with many recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts choosing their products for their reliability and performance. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or simply enjoy spending time on the water, Musto offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that combine style, durability, and functionality.

In conclusion, Musto is a trusted name in nautical clothing and accessories, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a comprehensive range of products designed for all types of water activities, Musto continues to be a top choice for those seeking reliable and stylish gear for their nautical adventures.

Musto Men’s Cap, 169 True Red, One Size
  • Fast drying fabric to keep you comfortable
  • The polyester fabric dries rapidly and protects you from the sun with its added UV protection properties
  • The peak will shield your eyes from the sun and the rear adjustment gives you a secure fit
  • Don’t lose it in high winds; attach the retainer clip
  • Items delivered: 1x Musto Essential Fast Dry Crew Cap Unisex – One Size.Weave type: Knit; Sport type: Baseball
Musto Bag, 145 Magenta, One Size
  • Splash resistant fabric to keep contents dry
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • This classic Genoa Small Carryall is engineered in a splash-resistant fabric with a heavy duty zip closure and is ideal for your day on the water
  • A velcro-secured front pocket provides additional storage and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.
  • Items delivered: 1x Musto Genoa Small Carryall Bag Unisex – One Size
Musto Unisex Genoa Mini Carryall Small Bag, 002 White, One Size UK
  • Splash Resistant Fabric To Keep Contents Dry
  • Brand: Musto
  • Package Dimensions: 7.2 L x 21.2 H x 11.6 W (centimeters)
  • Item Package Weight: 0.284 kilograms
Musto Baseball, Black, One Size
  • Hat retainer clip to attach to your hood or collar to keep your hat secure on windy days
  • Rear adjuster for a snug fit