What Is Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing clothing lines on the high-street. Their latest release “Sailing the Seas” has made a splash in the fashion world, being chosen as the style of choice by celebrities like Kate Moss and Britney Spears.

What makes Helly Hansen so popular? The simple answer to that is their quality and the attention to detail that they give to each outfit. This article takes a look at the clothing range and what Helly Hansen specifically offers.

what is a helly hansen coatHelly Hansen is a Norwegian-based company and brand of clothing and sporting gear and a subsidiary of Canadian sporting goods maker Canadian Tire. Headquartered in Norway from its founding in 1877 until October 2009, it was formerly based in Moss, Norway.

Helly Hansen specializes in both women’s and men’s clothing and accessories and is particularly proud of its “Nautical” collection, which caters to the tastes of fashion-conscious female consumers. The brand began with its first collection for ladies called Nylensfjorden, which took inspiration from local materials such as wood, wicker, and seashells.

This helped to create a unique and stylish ladies’ sailing uniform, complete with a pea coat, high collar, corset, and leg warmers.

The “Sailing the Seas” line is very similar to the Nylensfjorden range but the main difference is the colors used. Blue, silver, and grey have all were used, with the occasional splash of red or yellow. For their men’s range, Helly Hansen has gone back to their roots and selected materials including steel, cotton, and hemp for the outerwear.

These have a more rugged feel and are ideal if you want to make a statement. This year they have produced what they call the “boat jacket“, which utilizes the same colors as the women’s sailing uniforms but with a more refined fit and design.

This year has seen major changes in Helly Hansen fashion as well, with many of their more popular ranges going digital. The “Helly Hansen Denim Jackets” have been redesigned using new digital printing technology, creating a striking range of instantly stylish garments.

The denim jackets feature a range of different graphic prints, from simple block colors to detailed artwork. They’re an ideal way to add a bit of edge to your everyday wardrobe, making them great for clubbing or just lounging around the house. You can also purchase belts and shoes, which will help complete the look.

As well as clothing, the Helly Hansen range also includes accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry. Their sunglasses are designed to be worn in any weather condition, so they’re great for those summer trips to the beach.

The scarves in the collection come in several different styles and colors, including plaid, paisley, and stripes. The jewelry in the Helly Hansen range is designed to complement any style and occasion and is also very fashionable.

It’s easy to assume that the designs of a clothing brand will be of high quality, but that’s not necessarily true. Every item that you purchase from Helly Hansen will undergo some level of cutting, folding, and sewing.

The best brands are those that employ a high level of craftsmanship and the attention to detail that makes items that are handmade memorable. The team who make these jeans realize that a customer will only wear an item if they love it – that’s why they do their best to ensure every jacket, coat and boot is of the highest quality possible.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, then it’s important to follow Helly Hansen’s social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are quite popular with fashionistas everywhere and are used by celebrities such as David Beckham and Sienna Miller.

You can also buy your favorite Helly Hansen products online. Most of their clothes are available from top-rated specialist online stockists. You should always make sure that you’re buying from a reputable store.

It’s easy to place an order online, but finding the right size and color can be difficult so it’s always worth taking some time to go into a specialist store and have a look before making a purchase.

Helly Hansen jeans are available in a wide range of styles including skinny jeans, boot cut, and an oversized fit. There are also plenty of different styles in which to color your jeans.

The brand’s signature black and white motif is represented across the entire range of jeans. And for the more adventurous, you can even choose to buy leather or suede versions of each style.

As with most other labels, Helly Hansen also produces their range of layering and embellishment so if you prefer to go plain, you’re still guaranteed to find something that looks great on you.


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