Characterizing Nautical Fashion

Characterizing Nautical Fashion

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The concept of nautical fashion may not be entirely intuitive for a lot of people. Many people are going to wonder about what does or does not constitute a piece of nautical fashion. Obviously, a good portion of nautical fashion is going to involve wearing the right colors.

Navy blue and white are importance colors in nautical fashion. A person wearing a navy blue sweater and white shorts is already going to create an association with nautical styles. However, nautical styles can be much more intricate than that.

A lot of nautical fashions involve horizontal stripes that are navy blue and white. Some of these stripes are thick and some of them are thin, but the associations are going to be the same one way or another. People are going to instantly recognize that these motifs will lend any outfit a nautical flair, because these are patterns and colors that people associate with the navy and the sea.

Red is also going to make an appearance among nautical styles. Many people in the West think of the British and American navy when they think of the navy in general, and red, white, and blue are all associated with the British and American flags.

Some of the style motifs involved with nautical fashion are a little more subtle. For instance, coats that are associated with the nautical style often feature large white buttons. Many of them are also tightly belted, which makes them look every so slightly more like naval uniforms, thus furthering the associations between them and the navy.

Some nautical coats are going to be collared. They will seem to be formal in some ways, or at least more so than many similar coats that emulate different styles. People might also see ribbons, which are only going to make the outfits in question seem that much more victorious.

The nautical fashion that works the best is the nautical fashion that is just defined enough to stand out, but not so defined that it manages to draw too much attention to itself. Many of the motifs in nautical fashion are already generally popular. Nautical fashion is all about emphasizing these particular colors and styles.


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