Pair Nautical Fashion Accessories With Your Wardrobe for Summer

Pair Nautical Fashion Accessories With Your Wardrobe for Summer

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Pair Nautical Fashion Accessories With Your Wardrobe for Summer. When the weather becomes warm and women begin planning their summer wardrobe, they tend to either lean towards the bright colors of summer or towards the nautical, clean colors. Reds, whites, navy blues, golds and blacks can all be paired together with striped patterns to create the perfect nautical attire.

Nautical Accessories

Nautical Silk Scarf

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Adding in nautical-themed accessories will help to pull the look together. The trend in nautical fashion is to pair gold jewelry with solid and striped clothing. Chunky gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces pair perfectly with this look. This is the perfect opportunity to wear rope chains in varying lengths.

Though an anchor charm can look beautiful with a nautical fashion look, this is not the time to overdo it with anchor patterns in your clothing or scarf. If you want to include an anchor in your outfit, try wearing a charm on a necklace, bracelet or belt. One single anchor gives a classy look that does not look frumpy and outdated.

Striped bags pair beautifully with nautical fashion and can help the look to stay pulled together. When choosing shoes, either go with a rain boot or a strappy sandle. With these two types of shoes, the look remains understated enough to keep the lines simple and graceful.

If you absolutely must wear something on your head, resist the urge to reach for a sailor hat. Instead, try a striped headband with an anchor. This gives a whimsical look to any nautical outfit without making it look juvenile.

Nautical Must Haves

Nautical Jewelry

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Must-Have Nautical Fashion Accessories for the Season

Nautical fashion seems to make a comeback every few years and right now it is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, some people tend to overdo this look and wear too many patterns and accessories. This makes a grown woman look as if she is trying to become a character from Sailor Moon. You truly do not have to look like a sailor to wear this look well.

To work your wardrobe towards the nautical theme, try choosing one central focal point and build from there. This will allow the accessory to stand out so it becomes more the star of the show than simply the bystander.

Allow these tips to help you formulate the best nautical fashion look for the season. This crisp, cool look can be worn from spring to late fall, giving you plenty of style options to choose from for months. You will love the look of sophistication and fun this look can give you.


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